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Trade Dollar

                    - NGC Counterfeit Coin Detection Link
                    - US Mint Sales for 2016 American Eagle One Ounce Silver Proof Coin on September 16.
                    - US Mint Selling America the Beautiful Quarters® Program Coin Honoring Theodore Roosevelt National Park.
                    - US Mint Start selling Quarters Three-Coin Set™ – Theodore Roosevelt National Park Goes on Sale on October 3.
                    - Stack's Bowers recenlty sold 1796 Draped Bust Cent Reverse of 1797. VF-30 (PCGS) for $2350.
                    - Stack's Bowers recenlty sold 1877 Indian Cent. AU-55 BN (NGC) for $2350.
                    - Stack's Bowers recenlty sold 1875 Nickel Three-Cent Piece Proof-65 (NGC) for $646.25.
                    - Stack's Bowers recenlty sold 1881 Liberty Seated Dime. Proof-65 (NGC) for $1,116.25.
                    - Stack's Bowers recenlty sold 1875 Trade Dollar. Type I/II. MS-66 (PCGS)for $30,550.
                    - Stack's Bowers recenlty sold 1873 Trade Dollar. Proof-63 (PCGS) for $2,820.

Trade Dollar

                                                            March Conventions

                                NGC                                                                         PCGS
                         4-5                                                                     9-11
                         Numismata                                                               ANA National Money Show
                         MOC Munich                                                              Orange County Convention Center
                         Munich, Germany                                                         9400 Universal Blvd.,       	
                                                                                                 Orlando FL, 32819 

                         9-11                                                                    24
                         ANA National Money Show                                                 Holiday Inn - Grand Ballroom
                         Orange County Convention Center                                         2726 South Grand Avenue 
                         Orlando, FL                                                             Santa Ana CA, 92705              
                         Trigo Kuala Lumpur Money Show
                         Hilton Hotel, PJ
                         Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


                         Singapore International Coin Fair (SICF)
                         Marina Bay Sands

                         Whitman Baltimore Expo 
                         Baltimore Convention Center
                         Baltimore , MD

Morgan Dollar Trade Dollar