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      They say life is a journey and destiny is pre-determined. I am not a true believer in destiny but I let you be the judge of it.
      I was born in Iran before revolution. After the war with Iran and Iraq broke out, my father decided that living in Iran is no longer
      a viable option. My family moved to India for 3 years because there was no U.S. embassy in Iran. My family was accepted as a refugee.
      I started Jr. High and High School here and finally graduated from CSUN with a degree in Psychology. I had serious downward social
      mobility till 911 happened. I joined the U.S. army in 2003 and spent 3 combat tours in Iraq, totaling to 37 months in the combat zone.
      Irony is when you try to avoid an event and yet you end up in the same situation you so hard tried to avoid. My father tried to stop
      both of his sons to go to war with Iraq, yet his youngest son ended up going to Iraq. LOL.