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                   Definition for spot prices is nothing more than a commodity’s rate at given day. 
                   Commodity could mean anything that is a tangible asset. The spot prices that I focus 
                   on are Gold, Silver, Platinum, and Palladium. How do spot prices come into play with 
                   coins? Well, for one thing the Melt Down Value of a coin is the price you would pay 
                   if you would melt the coin down and sell it for its metal content. Secondly, the coin 
                   industry divides into two major groups, one being coins which was designed for circulation
                   with their face value relating to their period, and the other is the bullion coins which 
                   their content exceeds their face value. Bullions are generally coins which are made for 
                   collection purposes only. These coins go hand in hand with spot prices of the day. The 
                   regular coins are affected by the spot prices but not as much as bullion coins. One 
                   major reason is that a 1907 Ultra High Relief Double Eagle gold coin will be always 
                   unique, whether the spot price of gold is $2000 per ounce or $1. The affect of spot 
                   prices in my mind plays a big role only if the coin is in high mintage. As a result, 
                   investment in a rare coin is always a good component to diversification of one’s 
                   portfolio. Coin collecting is hobby for me but at the same time it is a good diversification 
                   for tangible asset or asset on hand. 
                   Another reason the spot prices of metals does not affect the coin collecting as severely 
                   as bullion coin is because of grading companies being more used than before. In 1987, 
                   the price of Gold sky rocketed, as direct result the price of coins sky rocketed. Many 
                   dealers with poor business ethics started selling coins for 20 to 300 times more than 
                   what the coins were worth at that time. Thousands of people lost their retirements to 
                   these human predators because of not having the knowledge to arm them against it. People 
                   started heavily depending on grading companies to grade their coins. Again, due to grading 
                   companies, spot prices play a huge role for low grades coins. For grades MS65 and up, 
                   spot prices will play a minor role depending on the metal content of the coin and also 
                   the demand for that denomination.