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                    The following are most reputable grading companies in the coin industry. You have to keep in mind that  
                    each coin company grade's each coin differently; as a result, the same coin will be graded higher or lower 
                    depending on which grading company you choose. The most conservative grading is PCGS. Rumor has it that
                    PCGS coins will go in the market for 10% more than NGC and even more so for ANAC. My personal experience
                    is definitely 10% higher than NGC. This subject will be discussed more in depth in Grading Info section.
                    My personal pick would be NGC because they do make the best holders in the coin industry but I would get my
                    coins graded by PCGS because of demographic advantage. As far as ranking, PCGS will take the first 
                    place because of the simple fact that they sell for higher price on Ebay.
                    Following are the top 5 grading companies: 

		        1. PCGS Rating *****
                        2. NGC Rating ***** 
                        3. ANACS Rating *** 
                        4. ICG Rating **
                        5. SEGS Rating **