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                  This section is going to be rather a long one, so take your time reading this section.  
                  If you want coins for investment, it has to be graded. Difference between MS64 and MS65 
                  could be in thousands depending on the coin. So, grading is the most important aspect of 
                  coin investment. 

                  There are two basic scales used today for grading a coin:
                      1.	Dr. William H. Sheldon’s Quantitative Grading of Condition. (Most commonly used)
                      2.	American Numismatic Association Grading Standards 

                          ANA Grading Scale                              Sheldon's Grading Scale

                             About Good      <------------------------->          AG-3

                                Good         <------------------------->        G-4 to G-6
                             Very Good       <------------------------->       VG-7 to VG-11

                                Fine         <------------------------->       F-12 to F-19

                             Very Fine       <------------------------->      VF-20 to VF-39

                          Exteremly Fine     <------------------------->      EF-40 to EF-49

                        About Uncirculated   <------------------------->      AU-50 to AU-59

                            Uncirculated     <------------------------->      MS-60 to MS-62

                       Choice Uncirculated   <------------------------->           MS-63

                       Select Uncirculated   <------------------------->           MS-64
                         Gem Uncirculated    <------------------------->      MS-65 to MS-66

                      Superb Uncirculated    <------------------------->      MS-67 to MS-70

                               Proof         <------------------------->            PF
                             Proof Like      <------------------------->            PL

                  Dr. Sheldon’s grading system was based on the Large Cent prices in 1946. So, the numbers 
                  has no significance as far as calculating prices of different denominations is considered 
                  today. None the less, it is used to grade coins today by the grading companies. Grading is 
                  generally more of an art than science in my opinion. Why? Because no 2 grading companies 
                  grade the same way as far as coins are considered. Read the section under Grading Companies 
                  to get more information regarding which companies to choose.  

                  Invest only in rare coins. If you cannot afford rare coins do what I do. Go with low mintage 
                  coins which are minted below 100,000. For me any coin that is below 100,000 mintage is a low 
                  mintage coin. Also, try to invest in Proof coins rather than the Business Strike. Proof coins 
                  are generally made for collectors who have an interest in collecting coins. Proof coins are 
                  struck 2 times and dies are changed much more often than the Business Strike; as a result, 
                  they are shinier than Business Strike coins.

                  Bidding on ebay:  
                  It is important for you to know that ebay could be a gold mine as far as buying a coin goes, 
                  only if you know what to look for when buying a coin. It could also be an absolute disaster 
                  if you don’t know what you are looking for on eaby. First, always look at the Seller Feedback 
                  and the seller’s percentage of feedback. Second, make sure that feedbacks are for selling an 
                  item not for buying an item. Third, how many items the seller has sold. A seller with 40,000 
                  sold items and 99% positive feedback is generally a safe bet. Fourth, is the seller is strictly 
                  a coin seller or seller of other items. This will tell you if the seller is a specialized seller 
                  or just Jack selling his grand fathers cigar box. Fifth, avoid sellers overseas. Counterfeit usually 
                  occurs when you are buying from Chinese dealers in China. Stick on U.S. side or Canada when 
                  it comes to buying from ebay. Sixth, go to PCGS page and NGC page to verify the registration 
                  number of the coin. PCGS does not require you to sign up to verify their coins, NGC does require 
                  you to sign up to verify their coin but it is free. ANAC does not have an online verification 
                  system as of this writing. Also be careful when buying Slabbed coins, some issues with counterfeits 
                  has occurred with the Slabbed boxes. If you take these steps to buy coin on ebay, you should have 
                  a pretty fair chance that the coin is an authentic coin. According to PCGS January 10 2000,” While 
                  counterfeit detection obviously is important, such excellent information has been published in 
                  the recent past that the number of counterfeits being submitted to PCGS is minuscule. In fact, 
                  PCGS encounters only about 25 counterfeits per 10,000 coins, or an average rate of one quarter 
                  of 1 percent (0.25 percent). ” Keeping this in mind, buying coins on Ebay is cheaper because 
                  there is no consignment fee put forth by the seller. That does not mean process known as 
                  Shielding does not happen on Ebay. Shielding is process where I tell my uncle to open an ebay 
                  account and then tell him to bid on my coin one minute before the bid is closed. So, bid on ebay 
                  last second before the bid is over. I just bought a 1972 Double Die for $46; the same exact coin 
                  with all the errors matching was going for $330 on Teletrade!!!!!!